Gestión Verde Cannabis Software

Cannabis club management software

Cannabis club management software in continuous development.
Easy and safe management.

Gestion Verde offers comprehensive management adapting to the current and future regulations of your cannabis club

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Gestion Verde Cannabis Software
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Gestión Verde, your cannabis software to manage your cannabis club Custom developed for cannabis clubs

Developed from the real needs of two cannabis clubs in Barcelona, this cannabis software offers comprehensive and easy management.
Carry out the routine activities of your cannabis club adapting to current and future regulations

1- Cloud-based and in continuous development Gestion Verde is a cloud-based cannabis management software that is continuously developed to offer comprehensive management for your cannabis club. p>

2- Regulatory Compliance The software is designed to adapt to current and future regulations for cannabis clubs, ensuring that your club complies with all relevant laws and guidelines.

3- Data protection and security Gestión Verde complies with the RPGD and has a high level of security to ensure that your club data is protected and remains the property of your cannabis club.

4- Advanced functions The software offers advanced functions such as integration with scales and automated loss control, RFID identification and fingerprint for members, control daily and monthly cannabis consumption according to member fees, advanced electronic signature (biometric), prepaid system with " electronic wallet", connection of different cannabis premises; maintaining independent management and more.

5- Accounting and comprehensive management Gestión Verde offers comprehensive accounting and management for your cannabis club, including controls for abstinence from consumption, minimum age and guarantor for new registrations, control of club capacity with check-in and check-out system, generation of registration forms, minutes and reports, software parameterization to adapt to the statutes of your club, connection of different cannabis establishments maintaining independent management, and more.

6- Balance auto-reload ATM The definitive solution to automate the balance reloading process in the electronic wallet and avoid cash imbalances or internal fraud.

7- APP for members APP for members available on iOS and Android to maintain active communication with members and consolidate the most Social aspects in your club.

Cannabis software Gestion Verde in detail Cannabis software with comprehensive management of your club

Learn about the main functionalities that cannabis software offers you for managing your club Gestion Verde makes it easy for you to keep your cannabis club completely under control

Cannabis genetics - Creation, management and stock

genetic management

Manage the marijuana or cannabis genetics that you share in the cannabis club. Create new genetics and update the stock every time you add more to your club. Manage returns of cannabis stock purchased from your supplier since you will always have the history of entries and returns of your cannabis stock at your disposal. (Suppliers are 100% anonymous)

NON-cannabis articles - Creation, management and stock

management of non-cannabis items

Manage all NON-cannabis items from "bar items management". Create new non-cannabis items such as coffee, soft drinks, cakes, etc. and update their stock.
Manage returns of non-cannabis stock acquired from your supplier since you will always have the history of receipts and returns of your non-cannabis stock at your disposal. (Suppliers are 100% anonymous)

Partner management - Creation and administration. Registrations, cancellations, renewals and modifications

cannabis software partner management

Managing the members who are in your club is crucial in any cannabis club.
Create new members by verifying their maximum age, the duration of their club card (depending on your configuration parameters ) and verify your guarantor.
Directly print the duly completed registration form with all the information of the new member and their guarantor.
Display according to their status and also quickly discover those who have been there for a while without removing any cannabis product (according to your configuration parameters)

This work area was the first developed in the Gestion Verde project. It was the beginning of cannabis software CSC cannabis management

Cannabis dispensary in your club

buy genetics

Access your club's cannabis dispensary by identifying the member by her number and make cannabis withdrawals.
Select the cannabis genetics and the amount to withdraw easily and quickly.
Make the signature electronic to end the request for cannabis withdrawal; Verde administration will notify you if the desired withdrawal cannot be made.

Drinks and food in the cannabis club

buy non-cannabis item

It offers the service of sharing drinks, food and NON-cannabis items.
Select the NON-cannabis items and the amount to withdraw easily and quickly in your cannabis software.

Entry control at the cannabis club. Entry/exit registration and capacity control

checkin out

Always have the actual capacity of your cannabis or marijuana club under control with the Verde administration check-in and check-out system.
Verify the identity of all the members who access your cannabis club by viewing quickly your photo and identifying information to let you enter the cannabis club.

Collaborating partners - System users

member permissions

Manage your login and password to access the system as administrator. Change your password regularly and use secure passwords!
Select from the members registered in your cannabis club those who are collaborators and therefore help you in the administration of your cannabis club. Choose which parts of your cannabis software they can manage

Cannabis software - Configuration for the management of your cannabis club

cannabis software configuration

Adapt the cannabis software Gestión Verde to the statutes of your cannabis club.
Gestión Verde is prepared to comply with current regulations, adapting to each situation and location with its configuration options of cannabis software.
The Gestion Verde system will continue to be developed and on this screen you will find all the options to activate or configure each of the functionalities offered to manage your cannabis club just the way you want.

Accounting - Statistics and reports

Accounting management cannabis club

Gestion Verde makes it easy for you. Access, view, print or save on your computer reports and control sheets necessary in the daily activity of your cannabis club.
Obtain statistics and summaries of movements of:

Write the minutes of your cannabis club

acta club

The club minutes are a mandatory and routine activity in the administration of your cannabis club. The Gestion Verde cannabis software makes your work easier and will save you a lot of time!

Write the new points of your minutes, the minutes of your cannabis club and indicating to the system the dates you cover, it will automatically generate the registered partners in the period in your club.

View and print the minutes of your cannabis club with all the auto-generated data on new registrations in your cannabis club in the chosen period. All work made easy and error-free! Create your minutes ready to print, review and hold the board meeting in your cannabis club.

Manage your club easily now
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