The most advanced cannabis software,
a safe and reliable technological platform.

Manage your cannabis club with the best conditions You will have all the functionalities developed in Gestion Verde without restrictions.
You will also have close and quality Technical Support either directly by phone or via email.

Software cost*until 250 members
No functionalities restrictions
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License Gestion Verde

Manage your cannabis club with all the power of Gestion Verde, staying on our 100% secure servers always with the support of our Technical Team

  • Single cost €100/month + VAT
    • 50% discount applicable on transactions with less than 250 members
    • extra €50/month + VAT on transactions with more than 750 members up to unlimited
    • 500Mb of space for storing members' documents *each extra 1000Mb required there will be a cost of €20/month + VAT
  • Daily database and file backups
  • 100% of functionalities developed in Gestion Verde
  • 100% Technical Support, we are responsible for the security of your system and we respond to any request or work to be done in your database
  • GDPR Compliance - Your club data is protected and remains your property
  • System always 100% updated in its latest version
Licence Software
Licence App Android/IOs

Improve communication and enhance the social part in your club by giving your members access to your own App for smartphones and tablets

  • Single cost of €50/month + VAT
  • You will need to have a current Gestion Verde license
  • Keep the circle 100% closed. Each partner must You will have a unique 32-character code that can only be accessed. facilitate from your club
  • Manage the information available from your system in Gestion Verde - an App fully integrated with your system
  • Your members will have free access and will have all future updates in the App
  • Android platforms (smartphones and tables) and IOs (Iphone and Ipad)

Licence App Smartphone
Manage your club easily now
Member APP Gestion Verde