Cannabis Digital Menu

Interactive cannabis digital menu, which energizes and improves the profitability of your club.

Offer the information on the right day at the right time with the digital menu fully integrated with your cannabis software Gestión Verde.

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Advantages of the Digital Menu
Easy, comfortable and updated instantly!

digital menu advantages

A new way to present all the genetics in your cannabis club.
Present all the available genetics in an exclusive way.

Reduces lines at the dispensary

Your members will be able to see and find out about all the genetics currently available in your cannabis club.
Provide the information to your members so that they know exactly today's offer before entering the cannabis dispensary

Fully integrated with your Green Management cannabis software you will always have the menu 100% updated.

Improvement in the decision to choose genetics by members

From the configuration you can choose the categories of products to show, so you can allow members to see those genetics that you are most interested in showing.
With all the information available your members will enter the dispensary knowing the genetics they want to share

All this, without increasing staff/collaborators or structural costs

Updating information in real time

Fully integrated with your Green Management cannabis software; You will always have the menu 100% updated.

Reduction of printing expenses and time spent on traditional menus

Without increasing the time you are already dedicating to the management of your cannabis club; You will have digital touch menus with all the current technology.

Improved operational efficiency

Thanks to the touch screen, the member will be able to interact with the digital menu. The visualization of the genetics will speed up delivery to the dispensary.

Increase the cache of your club

Improve the presence in your club: with the functionality of the digital cannabis menu; You will undoubtedly mark a better presence in your cannabis club.
Create a more attractive visual impact that your members will appreciate.

Available configuration options


Number of rows


Number of columns


Show/hide categories


Show/hide cost


Show/hide photo


Time interval between each transition


Choose the categories to display


Show/hide navigation buttons


Choose your preferred type of transition

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