Cash Machine
Gestion Verde

Automates the cash deposit process by members.
Developed for clubs that use the prepayment system (electronic wallet) and wish to streamline this process.

Cash Machine Gestion Verde
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Cash Machine ATM Advantages

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With the ATM the member can make a deposit or check their balance independently; achieving the following advantages:

Fully integrated with your Gestion Verde system

Developed to work with your management software. Manage all ATM functionalities and control their activity from your Gestion Verde system Total privacy and security

The terminal does not store any type of sensitive information since everything is managed through the Gestion Verde system.
It requires member identification by pin and has different types of identification to access options reserved for club staff.
Protection by lock with audible alarm that warns if the terminal is being manipulated by unauthorized personnel.

Minimize your collection times

Eliminates tasks that the club staff can invest in activities directly related to the operation of the premises.

Eliminate queues in your club

Automating the processes of depositing money into each partner's wallet. You eliminate the queues at the reception of your premises.

Square your box at the end of the day

The machine doesn't make mistakes! Each time the box is accessed, the machine sends a detailed statement to the Gestion Verde system which, together with the operator's identification, is saved and is easily accessible from the GV interface.

Improve your service by avoiding contact with money

Avoids errors when making deposits because it is the member himself who does it.
Reduces errors derived from cash handling.
Eliminates accounting errors
Eliminates 100% of any type of human error

Eliminates accounting errors

100% eliminates any type of human error

Positive user experience

The member recharges his or her wallet comfortably, can check his or her balance and, optionally, his or her history. It also offers the possibility of being used as a communication channel for products, events or news of interest to the member.

How does the Cash Machine ATM work?

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It's very easy! It works in a simple and intuitive way.
Entry is done in just three steps:

  1. The member identifies himself using an RFID chip or membership number and accesses his profile after confirming his identity using a PIN.
  2. Insert the cash you want to keep in your wallet
    • Accepts bills from €5 to €50
    • Accepts coins from 5cent to €2
  3. Confirm the operation.

Additionally, the terminal offers other options:

  1. Allows the member to directly change their pin.
  2. Allows their history to be consulted (once the corresponding option is activated)
  3. Allows you to consult information about genetics, events or news, directly or when the machine is inactive.
  4. It has functions accessible only by personnel authorized to open the box
  5. Saves cash extract in the Gestion Verde system
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